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About NECO Center for Eye Care

Student OD working with patient in chair

At New England College of Optometry (NECO) Center for Eye Care, formerly New England Eye, we provide comprehensive eye care services to people of all ages in a welcoming, state-of-the-art environment. Our nationally recognized optometrists provide patient-centered care in primary and specialty areas. Our specialty services include low vision rehabilitation, vision therapy, complex contact lens, pediatric eye care, and sports vision.  Our Eyewear Centers offer an incredible selection for every budget.

New England College of Optometry

NECO Center for Eye Care is the patient care and clinical affiliate of new England College of Optometry, NECO.  As an academic vision center, our doctors provide excellent patient care as they help train the next generation of optometrists from NECO.  The College has been training the next generation of eye care providers, educators, and innovators for over a 100 years.  Located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, New England College of Optometry is the oldest college of optometry in the country. This small, independent graduate institution has been advancing optometric education, patient care, and public health since 1884. Students from the College participate in clinical work throughout the New England College of Optoemtry Clinical Network. To learn more about the college, visit:  

Our Difference

Our priority is being at the forefront of delivering comprehensive eye care to the community and to advancing the future of eye health. We provide you and your family with the best available patient service from the moment you walk in the door to follow-up care after your visit. We encourage you to schedule an appointment to see the difference for yourself.

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams to assess complete vision assessment and eye health
  • Specialty Services such as low vision rehabilitation, vision therapy, complex contact lenses, and sports vision
  • Eyeglass and Sunglass Frames, Specialty Lenses, and Contact lenses –​ selection, custom fitting, and advanced eyewear technology in our optical center
  • Patient-centered Approach to Eye Health and Overall Health
  • Eye Care for All Ages from Infants and Children to Adults and Older Adults
  • Nationally Recognized Optometrists, Consultant Ophthalmologists, and Opticians
  • Top-rated Academic and Teaching Program partnering award winning doctors with optometric students
  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Patient Service and Support – Patient Care Associates who care about answering your questions, working with you and navigating through your insurance plan information

Our Services

Our services feature advanced eye and vision care for individuals at all stages of life. Specific services include: primary eye carecornea and contact lensesvision therapypediatric eye carelow vision rehabilitation, and consultative ophthalmic care.  We also help coordinate health services such as occupational therapy for children, older adults, those with low vision, the homeless, and individuals who are either physically or mentally challenged. 

Our Commitment

Our optometrists work with New England College of Optometry students to carry on the College’s long tradition of serving the community. Whether traveling to schools to conduct vision screenings, dispensing glasses in Boston’s inner city neighborhoods, or providing eye care to veterans, bringing vision care to those in need is at the heart of what we do. 

  • Enhancing Life for Older Adults
    Our doctors and students provide eye care to more than 1,500 senior citizens annually. Screenings, preventative eye care, education, and environmental modifications such as improved lighting and contrast are offered to seniors in their own homes, at adult day care centers and at senior senter. This ultimately helps seniors remain in their homes as long as possible and enhances the quality of life. 
  • Strengthening Communities
    Our doctors and students serve 20,000 patients annually in our two flagship sites - NECO Center for Eye Care Commonwealth and Roslindale - as well as at Veterans Administration patient care sites and Boston hospitals.  Throughout the NECO Clinical Network, our optometrists work with interdisciplinary health care teams including internists, pediatricians, dietitians, and social workers to provide comprehensive healthcare to patients. Our work in Boston-area community health centers provides care to Boston's diverse ethnic populations from around the world, including Haiti, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.
  • Advancing Achievement
    New England College of Optometry collaborates with area schools and Boys and Girls Clubs to conduct free vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams to kindergarten and school-aged children. Since 1989, more than 100,000 Boston school children have received free vision screenings. More than 6,000 children are screened each year. These screenings often reveal potential health issues and identify vision impairments that can lead to poor school performance. 
  • Instilling Confidence 
    Patients with disabilities are examined by our optometrists and students in special schools and rehabilitation centers. Magnifiers, corrective lenses and reading stands are just a few of the materials offered to increase an individual's visual capabilities, thereby encouraging self-confidence. Approximately 1,500 individuals with disabilities are seen each year at locations such as the New England Eye Low Vision Clinic at Perkins School for the Blind. 

As a non-profit organization, New England College of Optometry Center for Eye Care relies on the generosity of grants and fundraising efforts to support our outreach efforts. To provide a gift to NECO Center for Eye Care and/or New England College of Optometry, visit the College's giving section.

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